Brick Patio

Top 10 Materials to Consider for a New Backyard Patio

Whether you’re having a backyard barbecue, enjoying the sunrise or playing scorekeeper for your children's soccer game; the patio is a rejuvenating aspect of your property. Unless of course your kids ruin it. Like this picture of a kid that got ahold of some baby oil

Recognize Con Artist Landscapers - 9 Tips On Hiring A Pro

While there are many projects that you can DIY if you have to or want to, there are some that should be left to the pros. If you’re having your entire patio, or backyard remodeled you will probably need to hire a landscaper. Here are ten tips on finding
Paver Patio

The Perfect Patio for Gorgeous Ohio Summer Entertaining!

Ahhh, Summertime in Central Ohio! The best of midwestern summer weather can be enjoyed right in your backyard. A new or renovated patio is the perfect way to enjoy cool breezes, sunshine and grilling parties with your favorite friends! And you don't have to shut