Simple DIY Pallet Creations for Your Patio!
DIY Pallet

Simple DIY Pallet Creations for Your Patio!

Take the repurposed path when it comes to renovating your patio. Upcycling and refurbishing old pallets is not only simple, it's also a great way to do your part in recycling. From outdoor decks to patio furniture and storage solutions - recycled pallets are super versatile and can be easily manipulated into masterpieces. Get on the upside of your recycling game and implement some of the following cool pallet DIY designs into your backyard patio paradise. You will love how inexpensive these designs are and you will impress all your friends and family at your next patio gathering!

First Things First: Pallet Safety!

Pallet Labels

Look for this code on pallets. The HT means it is heat treated, which is not harmful to your health. The DB means it has undergone methyl-bromide fumigation. You don't want to use pallets with the DB mark. Many countries have outlawed the use of these pallets, so you probably won't find many, but better safe than sorry! :

Okay, time for the fun! Check out the next ten cool pallet DIY tricks for a funky patio renovation!

Rustic Patio Chair with Burlap Cushions!

Click here for a full tutorial on how to make a super cute and rustic patio chair. The best part? It only takes a couple of hours to make! :

Pallet Patio Bench and Rolling Table!

Pallet Furniture Makeover

Check out this awesome tutorial for an upcycled bench and table made from old pallets. Colorful cushions and bright paint make this design perfect for summer! :

Swing Away Your Worries!

A swing that is made from pallets, ropes and a twin mattress! Get cozy with a good book and swing away your worries! :

Grow a Planter Garden!

DIY Pallet Planet

This pallet planter only costs $5.00 to make! Grow flowers, herbs or some delicious bib lettuce! :

Rest and Relax On a Pallet Daybed!

This pallet daybed is perfect for an afternoon cup of tea and a nap. Snuggle up with your sweetheart...after he installs that outdoor fire pit you have always wanted. :

Make a Small Bar with Countertop for Your Patio Parties!

A perfect size patio bar can be made with a couple old pallets and stone walkway pavers :

Make a Bottle Opener to Go Next to Your Pallet Bar!

This bottle opening station is perfect for craft beer lovers. You can save your bottle caps and upcycle those as well! :

Make A Vertical Pallet Garden!

Make this super cute hanging pallet garden to display your favorite potted plants. You can also use a hanging pallet as storage for outdoor kitchen pots and pans. :

Create Storage With Pallet made Shelves!

This pallet bookshelf can be used for patio storage, as well as outdoor kitchen storage. :

Garden, Garden - Look How You Grow!

Every gardener deserves a great space to pot plants, save seeds and get organized. Create this functional and adorable gardening table out of recycled pallets! :

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