Fall Landscaping That Will Keep You Outdoors
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Fall Landscaping That Will Keep You Outdoors

As summer turns to fall, the days become chillier and the nights longer. This often causes us to stay indoors more, and to spend less time outside enjoying our yards. After the steamy summer, however, shouldn’t we want to get outside? The fact is, as much as we may appreciate the cool weather, if we’re chilly and uncomfortable, then we don’t want to be outside at all. Here are some ways that you can make your yard and patio more comfortable, so you’ll want to spend more time outside before Old Man Winter comes calling:

  • Remove shade where possible
    It might be perfectly nice on your patio, deck or porch when the sun is hitting it, but as soon as the sun disappears behind a tree, you’re too cold to stay outside. While you can’t (or shouldn’t) simply cut down trees, you can remove awnings and trim bushes that might be blocking the sun. Taking down awnings can protect them from being broken by heavy snow and ice, so this will not only allow you a few more minutes of precious warm sun, but will also protect your property.
  • Make your outdoor living areas more cozy
    Would you happily stay out on your deck reading, if only it were not so chilly? While you can’t really keep blankets on your patio or other outdoor living area over the long term, don’t be afraid to carry some out with you when you go. Snuggling up under a cozy afghan will make the brisk days a lot more comfortable. Also, if you don’t already have one, set up tables to hold the cups of tea, coffee or spiced apple cider that you might want to carry out with you. Add a few indoor/outdoor throw pillows to your furniture to make them softer and more comfortable.
  • Add lighting
    One of the pitfalls of the autumn season is that even when it’s not too cold, the sun sets earlier than it does in the summer. You can enjoy your outdoor areas later into the evening if you add some lighting. Small white lights around the perimeter of a porch or deck can light things up and even add a bit of seasonal ambiance. Paper lanterns will also add a bit of a glow. If solar lights are not bright enough this time of year, you can add post lights or, if you have a roof over your deck or patio, an overhead light. Contact an electrician if you need help.
  • Build a fire
    One of the pleasures of fall is the bonfire. If you have a fire pit, now is the time to use it! Fire adds light and warmth, and it’s a great way to get your friends, family or neighbors together for storytelling, toasting hot dogs or marshmallows, or just laughing and reminiscing around the flames.

Spending time outdoors is something that can be done all year long. During the fall, you might need to don a heavier sweater and bring out a hot drink to keep you warm, but it’s worth it to make the changes to your landscaping that are necessary for you to enjoy your yard as long as possible into the cooler months.

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