Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards
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Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Do you want to include some interesting elements in your landscaping design, but think that you are limited because your front or back yard is so small? While it might be more challenging to work with a small yard, you have plenty of benefits, too: Small spaces require less maintenance, are usually less expensive to get started, and are a lot less overwhelming when time and energy are in short supply. If you are contending with a small area for your landscaping, here are some ideas for the space that you do have:

  • Set up an urban-style garden
    Whether or not you have adequate outside space to have a garden in the ground, you can take an idea from those who live in apartment buildings or other places that aren’t conducive to gardening, at first glance, anyway. Set up vegetables and flowers in planters and place these wherever you want in your small yard. You can optimize the space available on your patio or deck, or you can even use planters in the yard itself.
  • Don’t shy away from bold color
    You might think that you should keep the scale of your garden small and unobtrusive if you are short on space, but the opposite is actually true: If you place bold, large flowers toward the front of your landscaping design, this will help the rest of your yard recede visually. The effect will be that your yard actually appears larger. Also, you should use what you would like to see in your garden, no matter how large it is! There’s usually a way to make your preferences fit in the space you have available.
  • Take advantage of the coziness
    When you describe a small yard as “cozy,” you’ve automatically given it a positive attribute and connotation. Create a small oasis by planting shrubs around the perimeter of your small backyard, and setting up a small table and a couple of chairs to give you a private place to lounge. You can achieve the same effect by setting up a gazebo, or even putting up a pergola to mark off a more private space. A few colorful flowers will add to the ambiance and can make you feel as though you have your very own sanctuary in your yard.
  • Create interest in your yard
    A little pond stocked with a few goldfish, interesting stones or pavers, or a fountain or pretty bird bath can draw the eye to a focal point, making your yard appear larger. Windchimes and flowing water also lend a nice audible touch to your little garden.
  • Use a lawn alternative
    Instead of having a small lawn that needs to be mowed and edged, consider having pavers or stone installed instead. This greatly reduces the amount of time that you will have to spend trying to maneuver an unwieldy lawnmower around on a minuscule lawn.
  • Take advantage of your neighbor’s yard
    No, you can’t go planting whatever you like next door, but you can design your own landscaping to complement theirs, making both of your yards appear cohesively joined. If your neighbor has a particular design element in his yard, you might be able to continue it or find another way to incorporate that into your design.

Your landscaper will have additional ideas for you on how to add to your landscaping in order to make the most of your small yard. Play with different ideas as you plan the best design for your little piece of property.

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