5 Outdoor Additions That Will Add Value To Your Home.

5 Outdoor Additions That Will Add Value To Your Home.

Never underestimate the value of the surrounding area of your home and what it can be used for: fun. You've worked long and hard, now you deserve some comfort time. Take into account these additions that will not only add value to your home if you resell, but will also add value to the experience you have with your home right now. 


1. Swimming Pools

When it comes to the sole purpose of adding resale value to a home, there are generally better investments than a in-ground swimming pool.

Although, there are a few cases where a pool will add some profits to your pocket on the way out. 

  • If you have the square footage to add a pool and there is still plenty of "backyard room" to play around with after, then adding the pool is a great way to fill in the property.
  • If all of the other homes on the block have a pool, then it will make your home far more difficult to sell if there is no pool installed. 
  • If you are in an year round hot climate, a pool is always a good idea. 

If the resale value of your home is not your top concern, but you do value your family and social life, then a pool can add immense value. 

Custom Swimming Pool

A pool is the number one way to guarantee that all of the children will be occupied when you have company over. The value in that could go without being said, but we will say it anyway.

Your kids in eye shot, completely occupied, and tiring themselves out. That's a weekend in paradise. 

Of course, you can't just leave them be entirely; but with the help of a responsible adolescent, or the "Child at Heart" adult in your group, you can spend hours comfortably chatting it up with your company. All the while your kids are having a blast, and exhausting the engines before bed. 


2. Outdoor Kitchens

There a few seemingly divergent opinions on whether or not adding an outdoor kitchen will add resale value to your home. 

Take into account these points.

  • It is an additional feature, so take care of the key features first, such as your indoor kitchen or master bedroom. 
  • The timing of the sale will affect the emphasis of this feature, if you're going into the summer months, an outdoor kitchen can be the final touch that will get your house sold. 
  • It's basically another room, but for much cheaper. Literally another kitchen/dining area. 

As for the people who aren't looking for a quick flip, take a look at the space below and envision your life.

The kids are all in the pool within eye shot, you've got the grill turned up, and are blending drinks every half hour. There is overhead shade and a place to put a laptop, speaker or any other plug in's. The outdoor kitchen is the host's dream. Forget about running back and forth for prep and cleaning. You don't want to miss out on any of the fun. Outdoor kitchens are the area for the adults in any event.


3. Fire Places and Fire Pits

An outdoor fireplace is a relatively inexpensive feature compared to other outdoor ammentities. 

  • The can cover a nook in your backyard that would otherwise be awkward.
  • They aren't that expensive, and they can multifunction for extra grilling space.

There is something about fireplaces that go beyond the resale value and far into the home experience that other ammenties cannot provide.

They provide a hub for nighttime entertainment!

Okay, for sure there are some party animals out there that like to go for a night swim or midnight grill party. For the less sporadic family, there is not a more quaint experience after a long day by the pool grilling out, than to be by a fire, cozied up with a glass of wine while the kids roast smores. Enjoy the crisp night air, stars in the sky and the flickering of natural light that no T.V. will ever compare to.

It is by the fire that the first stories were ever told. 

Carry on the tradtion, with your family.


4. Paver Patios

Paver Patios go really well with a home that has a fire pit and pool set up. 

There are a few reasons that pavers are always worth it.

  • They are not slippery when wet, so while your kids are running in and out of the pool, the probability of a slip is greatly diminished.
  • They are fire proof, so if an accident happens with your fire pit, it will not spread.
  • They are very aesthetically pleasing, especially with the right design eye to guide the process. They will add resale value undoubtly to your home. 

Paver patios are recommended to almost every client when it comes to both adding resale value, as well as adding to your at-home experience.

You just can't go wrong.


5. Plantscaping Features

The value of plantscaping is very much dependant on your goals as a home owner.

Think about these things before you begin plantscaping. 

  • Do you want any usable produce, such as fruits, veggies and herbs? 
  • Do you want extra shade?
  • Do you want natural insect repellent? 
  • Do you want natural air purification?

Plantscaping, when done right, will add value that is incomparable to any other additions. 

There's something about surrounding yourself with life and vitality that makes you feel alive and vital.

There are more creative additions to any outdoor area that can be added onto as well, such as hammock area, sand pit, or whatever your wonderful mind can concieve. These examples were given because that, along with landscaping where the basis of our company, Omniscapes.

Our goal is to not only compliment the house, but to provide as many avenues for extra leisure as humanly possible. 

Thank you and comment about some unique features that you have installed that you would not live without.

If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area or surrounding area, give our company a call if you would like a free consultation on your outdoor projects.


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