The Perfect Patio for Gorgeous Ohio Summer Entertaining!
Paver Patio

The Perfect Patio for Gorgeous Ohio Summer Entertaining!

Ahhh, Summertime in Central Ohio! The best of midwestern summer weather can be enjoyed right in your backyard. A new or renovated patio is the perfect way to enjoy cool breezes, sunshine and grilling parties with your favorite friends!

And you don't have to shut down the grill when the sun sets! Just light up a custom built patio fire pit, roast some marshmallows, enjoy outdoor lighting, custom stone pavers, and beautiful landscaping from the comfort of your very own outdoor kitchen for a fun evening of laughter and relaxation.

Custom Mega Arbel Paver

This gorgeous outdoor bar is surrounded by a professionally landscaped and stone paved patio. Perfect for hosting a get together in Central Ohio's summertime twilight.

To implement a perfect summer patio in your backyard, follow our patio renovation suggestions for your patio project. From landscaping, decorative concrete and pavers to outdoor kitchens, fire pits and pergolas - you have options galore when undergoing a patio makeover. Choose what fits your style best and enjoy!

Summer Patio Makeover One: Landscaping Transformation

Imagine flowering plants, beautiful shrubs, trees and natural beauty as the background to your sumer gatherings. A truly great landscaping set up includes all of these delights and more. Creating an outdoor living space that boasts an intricate living masterpiece adds curb appeal, value and beauty to your home as well as a relaxing setting that offers natural elements for complete zen.

For a truly excellent living masterpiece, think of the type of plants that will work best in your area and are easy to maintain. You want your patio to be free of hassle, so when designing your landscaping go with what you know will grow. Hiring a professional landscaping company that specializes in living architectural design ensures that you are getting a true masterpiece that is easy to care for.

Custom DIY Landscape Designs

Check out these gorgeous DIY landscape designs that incorporate recycled materials into fresh blooming flower arrangements. :

Summer Patio Makeover Two: Paver Patio's Make Your Pathways Pop!

When choosing the design and materials for your patio makeover it is highly important to find a design that is durable, aesthetically pleasing and functional. All patio pavers are not created equal and most of them need to be hand installed with supreme attention to detail.

Hiring a paver patio specialists that has a team to come out is the easiest route to go if you choose to install pavers. A paver installation team can create a custom design for you and have your patio laid out in no time flat! Paver patios come in beautiful brick and stone materials, which give a subtle and natural look to your perfect summer patio renovation!

Custom Cambridge Pavers

Paver Patios can enhance your landscaping and water features for a polished patio look. Choose to install pavers near hardscaping details as pictured above :

If you choose to DIY, prepare for some hard work and sore muscles, but an end result that is fabulous. Check out these tips on DIY paver patios.

Summer Patio Makeover Three: Stamped Concrete is a Patio's Best Kept Secret!

You may find yourself envious over elegant cobblestone driveways or boldly textured flagstone patios, but not envious enough to splurge on the price for your own patio. If this is the case, then you are in for a treat with Central Ohio's best kept secret for patios...Stamped Concrete! There are numerous advantages to using stamped concrete on your patio. Here are just a few:

  • The cost is considerably less than flagstone or cobblestone.
  • You have limitless possibilities with design!
  • Grass and weeds cannot pop through a concrete overlay, so no more weeding!
  • Stamped Concrete has added texture for a slip-resistant patio deck.
  • Enhances curb appeal and home value without breaking the bank.
  • You can have a cool design inlaid into the concrete with a stamp overlay.
  • Imitate wood decks, stone tiles, flagstone, cobblestone and more with stamped concrete designs.

Check out this video for more information on eco-friendly stamped concrete and stains, as well as the process it takes to apply concrete overlay textures.

Summer Patio Makeover Four: Get Cooking with an Outdoor Kitchen!

If you love soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh Central Ohio Summertime air, then an outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition to your patio. Entertaining guests has never been better than when surrounding a gorgeous outdoor kitchen with natural stone and stainless steel appliance details.

A great outdoor kitchen designer is fluent in the knowledge it takes to build a kitchen that flows with the landscape. Functional and attractive, outdoor kitchens are made to incorporate everything your home kitchen has and more. From stovetops, grills and custom cabinets to countertops, refrigerators, sinks and beautiful bars; outdoor kitchens enhance the entire style of your patio design.

Full Custom Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen designed by a professional will flow aesthetically with your landscaped and hardscaped patio setting. This kitchen's natural stone and stainless steel fixtures only add to the element of a beautifully designed patio.

Summer Patio Makeover Five: Heat Up Your Night with a Custom Fire Pit!

Nothing quite heats up a gorgeous summer night with the warm glow from a fire. An outdoor fire pit that flows seamlessly with your patio decor is a perfect touch for intimate conversations and warm laughter this summer. When incorporating an outdoor fireplace, it is best to match its design to the architectural beauty of your home. This way your house and patio are cohesive in looks and there is nothing more stunning than a patio tied together perfectly with the house! From stargazing by a warm fire to roasting marshmallows with the kids for patio camping fun; an outdoor fireplace will enhance the overall appeal of your backyard, all while providing a year round place to relax and enjoy!

Celtik Fire Place

This outdoor fireplace sets an intimate area for warm summer nights. Relax at peace by your new outdoor fireplace that flows in perfect coordination with your patio design.[/caption]

Many fireplace installation professionals will be able to offer you a variety of unique designs for your fire feature, including ground level pits, raised, enclosed and open fireplaces. You may even be able to insert a fire feature into a patio table for a fantastic party pleaser.

Summer Patio Makeover Six: Add a Flowing Patio Water Feature for a Unique Personalized Touch!

One of the elements of a great outdoor space is an added water feature. A pond, stream, hydro garden, fountain or even a simple bird bath can make all the difference in your custom patio's appearance. A gurgling fountain can be relaxing and soothing while a bubbling stream enhances the natural aesthetic of your backyard space. For an inside look at beautiful patio water features, check out these dream water gardens.

Custom Pond

This gorgeous water feature enhances the aesthetic appeal and relaxation aspect of your home patio design :

Summer Patio Makeover Seven: Perfectly Positioned Pergola!

A pergola or garden arbor is a perfect addition to your backyard dream patio. Usually a pergola features a shaded walkway with a wide passageway and a sitting area, supported by posts or pillars that hold up cross beams. You can incorporate a vining plant or type of jasmine to provide shade once it grows up the outer columns and over the upper cross beams. Pergola's can be built as an extension of your home or as a free-standing cover for shade on your patio. You can even build your outdoor kitchen under your pergola for a shady area to cook up delicious meals!

Custom Paver Patio

This pergola enhances the beauty of this Ohio home's back patio. Perfect as a cover for a seating area. You can hang fun string lights from the pergola for a unique and shining look. :

Summer Patio Makeover Eight: Add Furniture that Showcases Your Style!

Patio furniture that is comfortable and fits your personal style is the final touch to completing your dream patio. Choose to buy new stylish patio furniture or make some yourself with DIY patio furniture tutorials.

It is easy to get discouraged by home renovation projects. During your patio makeover, remember to keep an open mind, stay creative and keep looking forward to the beautiful end result that will allow you to host the best backyard bbq's in all of Central Ohio.

Check out this video for more fun backyard patio transformations!

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