Vinyl vs Fiberglass In-Ground Swimming Pool Comparison
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Vinyl vs Fiberglass In-Ground Swimming Pool Comparison

Installing a swimming pool can be a huge project for any homeowner. There are so many benefits to having an in-ground swimming pool. It's a great space for recreation & relaxation, it keeps the children entertained for long periods of time, it's ranked as one of the best fitness and therapy activities, and water has an amazing calming influence on many people. 

The question comes down to choosing the perfect swimming pool to suit your needs. The 2 types we're going to assess the pros and cons for here are Vinyl Pools and Fiberglass Pools in Ohio.

Vinyl In-Ground Swimming Pools | Columbus, Ohio

At first glance, Vinyl In-Ground Swimming Pool installations have a much lower initial cost and offer a variety of liner patterns and color variations. The customization options are endless and can be built to embrace your current yard or landscape. Not only is the vinyl embossed with a non-slip finish which makes it child-friendly and safer than concrete, it is treated to discourage algae growth as well!

Although the initial cost is lower, the drawback is more frequent maintenance. With a vinyl swimming pool, the liner does fade over time and thus, it can be expected to have replacements once every decade or so- keep in mind that each time will add to the total cost. If you're looking for a more cost effective but much more customizable option, the Vinyl in-ground swimming pool is a fantastic option, given the expected future maintenance.

Fiberglass In-Ground Swimming Pools

Although Fiberglass Swimming Pools can cost a little more upfront, the benefits far outweigh the investment. Not only is there a lot less maintenance, fiberglass pools can last for several decades! Naturally, this installation provides a greater chance to add value to your home and make it a much more appealling option for new home owners. Similar to the Vinyl In-Ground Swimming Pool, algae growth is also inhibited but by a gel-coated finish instead - this very fact reduces the amount of sanitizing chemicals required to maintain the pool. 

Due to the very nature of how Fiberglass Pools are built, the pre-molded pool shell is limited to a width of 16', and since the design is already pre-built, the consumer is limited on the amount of shapes and sizes to choose from. Despite these limitations, the variety of In-Ground Fiberglass Pool designs available may be more than you can fathom!

Conclusion to Vinyl vs Fiberglass Swimming Pool Comparison

If your pocketbook allows for it, the popular choice for in-ground swimming pools is definitely Fiberglass. Keep in mind that even though vinyl pools have a lower initial cost, the maintenance cost over its lifetime is much more than installing a fiberglass pool; and if you plan on selling your home, consider home value and ease of sale. For some, these details matter and for others, experiencing all the benefits of having a swimming pool now rather than later is more important. 

Whatever you decide, there is no right or wrong answer here and it's all a matter of preference at the end of the day. Be happy, enjoy life, and go for a wonderful splash! 

Remember, you don't have to contemplate all this yourself. There are experts in the field that you can consult with to get design ideas and quotes to make your Ohio Swimming Pool one that you'll enjoy for decades. 

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