What Makes The Koi Pond So Special & 8 Reasons To Have One In Columbus, Ohio
What makes koi ponds so special - water feature in columbus ohio

What Makes The Koi Pond So Special & 8 Reasons To Have One In Columbus, Ohio

If you live in Columbus, Ohio surrounded by the gorgeous Scioto River then it makes sense that you’d want to make your home even more beautiful still, perhaps with the addition of a water feature or pond which is perfectly suited for this region.

Backyard water gardens and waterfalls have been popular for many years. But for a water feature that’s truly luxurious and unique, have you ever considered having a Koi pond installed in your Columbus, Ohio backyard?

8 Amazing Reasons To Have Koi Pond  | Columbus Ohio

A Koi pond makes a beautiful and unusual addition to any yard, adding aesthetic appeal as well as substantial environmental rewards.

Giving a home to these colorful Japanese carp also offers you some amazing benefits:

Reduced Stress

Water features and fish can both make you feel calm, lowering your stress levels. Your Koi pond will create a relaxed setting that makes you feel at ease and that let’s you forget the cares and worries of the day. Without a doubt, being in the out-of-doors and enjoying nature and your beautiful Koi pond can be a wonderful, natural stress reliever for the entire family.


Less Mowing

Most suburban homeowners invest lots of time and energy into mowing their lawn - some of us do it every weekend. A Koi pond, however, helps to create an attractive area that won’t need mowing. This also makes it environmentally friendly, using less gasoline for your mower. Since mowers emit high levels of carbon monoxide and other harmful compounds and gases, Koi ponds help reduce the amount of these pollutants by reducing your mowing area.

Lowering Your Use Of Pesticides

Your lawn and soil-based plants may use pesticides and fertilizers to grow and thrive. You’ll help the environment by installing a Koi pond, which not only reduces the need for these products but actually helps produce natural versions of them. For instance - You can use sludge collected by your pond’s filter as a fertilizer around the bottom of a plant or tree.  It’s rich with nutrients from fish droppings and decaying leaves, so it’s a perfect, natural and free fertilizer.

Low-maintenance Pets

Many pets, such as cats or dogs, require a good deal of attention, cost, and upkeep. Koi are beautiful fish that will give you years of enjoyment. They’re easy to care for, and you’ll soon be able to recognize each one by it’s distinctive markings. Koi fish will often swim over for food when someone walks past, and they can even be trained to feed directly from your hand!

Focal Point For Family And Friends

Your koi pond will quickly become the place to be. It makes an interesting focal point that will become a centerpiece for outdoor barbecues and other get-togethers. It is also a valuable teaching tool  that will allow all of your family and friends to see an ecosystem in action. It’s a great way to learn about science and the environment while gaining an appreciation of the world around us.

Enhancing Your Natural Environment

Adding plants, stones, and other landscaping in and around your Koi pond will help increase its beauty. What’s more, Koi ponds create an attractive haven for other wildlife such as birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and frogs. This helps the environment as well, in addition to adding to your enjoyment - and your family’s enjoyment of your koi pond.

Less Watering

Lawns often require watering, especially in times of drought. Regular watering can raise your water bill significantly and waste this precious resource. Koi ponds can be refilled with rainwater which they’ll need only occasionally. In addition, the plants in your pond don’t require additional watering, which is a frequent need and concern for soil-based plants.

Increased Resale Value

A relatively unique feature like a koi pond can significantly increase the value of your home. When it comes time to sell, a backyard pond could help attract potential buyers and allow your home to stand out from the proverbial crowd. Buyers will see it as an attractive feature that many other homes are unlikely to have.

It is not hard to appreciate all the benefits of having a Koi Pond in your backyard, or perhaps even your front yard if preferred. However, as with any specialist landscape design, it is recommended to consultant with a qualified installer before embarking on your new Koi Pond creation.

Get One For Your Home

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