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Columbus, OH Paver and Stamped Concrete Retaining Walls

  • Paver Stairs
    Paver Stairs
  • Paver Retaining Wall - Columbus Ohio
    Paver Retaining Wall - Columbus Ohio
  • Paver Retaining Wall
    Paver Retaining Wall
  • Cultured Stone Retaining Wall - Columbus, OH
    Cultured Stone Retaining Wall - Columbus, OH
  • Beautiful Retaining Wall
    Beautiful Retaining Wall
  • Paver Retaining Wall
    Paver Retaining Wall
  • White Stone Retaining Wall
    White Stone Retaining Wall
  • Stone Retaining Wall - Columbus Ohio
    Stone Retaining Wall - Columbus Ohio
  • Retaining Wall with Lights
    Retaining Wall with Lights
  • Outdoor Brick Counter
    Outdoor Brick Counter

Omniscapes Creates Beautiful Retaining Walls in Columbus, Ohio

Is your yard or outdoor living space in need of a spruce up? Is your garden experiencing some soil shifting and land-sliding in times of heavy rain? Then a retaining wall may be just the solution for you. Here at Omniscapes in Columbus, Ohio we provide more than just lawn and garden maintenance. We are a full-service landscaping company for all your outdoor garden needs, including custom retaining walls. 

Depending on the needs of your property, there are several different types retaining walls available, gravity, piling, cantilever and anchored. After your initial consultation on site, our professional team will expertly engineer a retaining wall to fit perfectly with the desired function and topographic needs of your property. Your retaining wall will be one of a kind.

Benefits of Installing A Retaining Wall in Columbus Ohio

Many homeowners may not be aware of the numerous benefits of installing retaining walls, whether it be for aesthetics or to overcome any topographical issues, here are some important benefits to consider:

  • Prevent Shifting Soil

    One of the most important reasons to install a retaining wall is to help guard against soil erosion. Over time, due to weather, gravity, and natural settling, soil can shift. When it shifts, anything that is on top of it, including pathways, garden vegetation, trees and any other outdoor fixture, can move with it. It can also lead to cracks in the foundation as the soil underneath your home also shifts.  A retaining wall helps to prevent this, reducing the probability of serious damage and you being left with a costly repair bill.

  • Enhance Appeal and Value

    If you want to make the outdoor area of your property shine or make a beautiful statement, then creating visually appealing retaining walls for your gardens will enhance your property’s street appeal and also increase its value. It is a very attractive feature for many potential buyers and it shows you care for the property. You can also install feature lighting below your retaining wall to give it that extra special appeal.

  • Level Garden On Steep Land 

    If your land is quite steep or your home is built on a hill, a retaining wall is a perfect solution! Our experienced landscape designers can create functional level garden areas for you can enjoy your garden without battling a steep hill. Even if your yard has only a mild slope, a retaining wall can still help you achieve a perfectly flat lawn.

  • Multiple Functions and Uses 

    There are multiple uses and functions of installing a retaining wall. You will come to find many other uses for your new landscape feature. Retaining walls can double as steps, benches, planters and numerous other things. They can be designed as part of an outdoor water feature, fire pit or even a living space like an outdoor kitchen.  There are many practical ways to create a retaining wall.

20+ Years Combined Landscaping Experience!

With over 20+ years combined landscaping experience, Ohio, OmniScapes are the leading professional retaining wall builders. We can work with just about any topography, and we’re great at coming up with creative and innovative designs to enhance your property.

If you are interested in discovering how this type of hardscaping can benefit your property, please call us on (614) 278-9986 today. We offer a FREE No Obligation Consultation so that you can find out exactly what we can do for you.

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