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Your outdoor space is the first impression that others have of your home. Your landscaping is also what welcomes you home after a long day at work or play. At Omniscapes, we create the scenery that you want to come home to.

Imagine pulling into your driveway and being surrounded by leafy plants, colorful flowers and other landscaping design features. Your outdoor living space should be a haven of calm and inspiration, and we work hard to create an environment that you can enjoy and appreciate.

Landscaping That Works for You

Is your lifestyle easy-going or hectic? Is your yard large or small? Do you prefer a lot of hardscapes, like walkways and a large patio, or are you more content with wide swaths of green lawn, punctuated by plantscapes and flowers in certain areas? Are you interested in water features, like a pond or a waterfall? Have you considered looking at irrigation systems, which help keep your lawn green and healthy?

At Omniscapes, we want to be sure that your landscaping design is a good fit for your property and your lifestyle. You should be able to enjoy the great outdoors, and having a yard, patio or garden that reflects your style will make you feel right at home.

Landscape Design to Landscape Maintenance

We design each landscape with the needs of the client in mind. You can forget about having a cookie-cutter landscape design when you trust the experts at OmniScapes. With our creativity and know-how, you’ll end up with a design that is a work of art. Don’t be surprised if your neighbors knock on your door to ask for a referral so they can have picture-perfect landscapes of their own!

It doesn’t end there, though! After all of your flowers are planted, your bricks are laid and your concrete is poured, we can keep your landscaping looking great with continued maintenance. In the winter, we’ll keep your walkways clear and safe. In the summer, your lawn will look great with our mowing and fertilizing services. No matter what the season, your Omniscapes landscaper will keep your outdoor area looking gorgeous.

Get Started on Your Ohio Landscaping Project Today

From the first consultation to the continued maintenance of your property, we always strive to meet or exceed your expectations. Your first consultation is a time for you to have your questions answered and for us to make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for in an outdoor living environment.

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